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Wholesome Herb Tea
Superb Steep

Image by Svitlana
Simply Focused

What's in the Cup:
°Lemon balm °Rose Petal
°Spearmint °Mullein

What Makes this batch Special :
This blend lets you dive deep and remain on task;
Letting your mind venture out to grasp concepts but never letting it wander too far away.
Stay elevated and on point for the session that is a Focus Pocus affair.
Perfect for the happy study'bee, who gets the job done !


Image by Thought Catalog
Lovely Soul

What's in the Cup :
°Damiana °Passionflower
°Hyssop °Marshmallow leaf
°Lemon balm °Rose Petals

What Makes this batch Special :
Special emotions deserve a sip that pertains to the moment.
You feel elevated already and the beauty of it all is that your soul now
has a designated tea to express itself. Share the love you've nurtured with
another soul who seeks a refreshing sip.


Image by Lisa Hobbs
Sweet Slumber

What's in the Cup :
°Chamomile °Lavender
°Passion Flower °Spearmint
°Marshmallow Leaf °Oat straw

What makes this batch special :

A blend that gives the balance you need to enter into the sleep you deserve.
Get to the wonderful realm of R.E.M that give a boost like no other.
A slumberful journey you would hate to sleep on !

Image by Loverna Journey
Happy Smile

What's in the Cup :
°St.Johns Wort °Mullein
°Spearmint °Hyssop
°Calendula °Rose Petals

What Makes this batch Special :
All around feel good sensation.
This blend will have you feeling blissful and sharing smiles nonstop.
An upbeat enhancement that leaves you sitting on top of the world.

Wholesome Herb ;
Concerned about the quality of your steep 100% of the time!
Here to serve those who love an honest and brilliant taste.
Choose from the avenues we set out before you and have
a soothing time exploring what passes the time.
Each Order comes with your very own Infuser.
-Enjoy and take care,
Von'Jewell Shekhinah

All Tea-batches $13.31

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