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Where You Left Off

Don’t start where you left off.

Its new day, a new life : Truly do I mean this in the most Holiest of ways.

You open your eyes with more passion and it matters not how short the rest was.

Everything now tastes so fresh and exactly how you desired, even if you’ve never heard of the recipe.

The music is finally a playlist upon your whole life and the elevator radio has your best interest every time. Beauty has a face with a name to match and even a whole home that is more vast than when you were last introduced.

So… as I now know that you know and feel what is good, true and real upon this day and age - I ask you to not pick up where you left off, I encourage you to pick up where you started : The Beginning.

Yes! the Beginning ; where there are countless possibilities again, not just in dreaming but in reality, too.

Life is even more crisp in the high hemispheres of your minds eye and before you knew not of it.

Rather you were born in the 1930’s or happen to wear the millennial name tag ; you have to admit that this new way of life has just come unto you recently , and it would be a very sad realization if you would then tomorrow have to pick up where you left off.

No, do not even walk near that road that has been the main route for civilization for several generations. Walk in your true light and know that even out there in the far land up within the galaxies We Are Known And Can Be Recognized By The Promise.

Born again is what we call it ; feel free to show us how to you live your best life : no one else can represent you better.


Von'Jewell Lambii Shekhinah

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