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Where the Wild Things Are

Where do I start?..

I love what you do to me… I love your perfection.

The way you are completely satisfied with your role in life. So still; yet so vibrant.

You pull the toxins out of me and restore each breath I surrender through.

Grazing my fingers over you as my palm connects our soul… as right as drinking water.

I fall deep into your presence, and all sound becomes numb.

My pupils grow large while tracing all that you are.

Nobody heals like you ; Nobody listens like you.

Looking up, I wonder whats a more fascinating view, the bottom of the sky or the ceiling of your vessel.

I guess they go together; a relationship that grows more amusing within the night.

You are the cup to my tea, I’m the vision to your site.

I appreciate you always being available, never will I have to search for you.

Realizing the need to be with you more often because apart from you I’m not home.

oh my dear, Redwoods, you are the real MVP.

Nature deserves the boasting. Isn’t it the most efficient piece of art

... Power plugs of the ancient times doing what they know.

when dwelling in the body of nature, you must let go of all material thought..

From rolling waves and high peaks, down to desert skies and rare retreats, there is always a way to receive the energy that is offered from the energy living without limits.

Without “great space” what would life be?

If we didn’t have nature to escape from it all, where would we be?

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