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Where Are You Going

When distance becomes the destination and you have no luggage packed for the journey, its clear that the place you’re leaving was once the place that was far away. The constant search has never really been a taboo; increasingly encouraged since the first attempts to land on the moon. It’s not always the broken heart that draws out the plan, but many time it’s the curiosity that wants to save the orphan kite on a windy day. Being a hero or an example to the community has become the dream for many; Most of the time coming back several years later greatly successful with much wisdom is the goal. Other times the goal sits at its mysterious peak if one was to leave on a quest and never return, having the years of the past wonder how beautiful life is since they’ve gotten away and made a great soul of themselves.

Obviously we are in the age where technology seeps like silk within spirituality and several people in the building are so mechanically intelligent that they don’t have to leave the city in order to be thousands of miles away from home. Sadly to the great pleasure of that escape, the body eventually becomes a burden and the cross of your own that Christ invited you to carry seems ludicrous in weight beneath the gravity that you’re already cutting through.

We Are You Going?

Dave Mathews Band had it right the whole time when expressing, “where you are is where I belong, I do know where you go is where I wanta be”. I’ve found out that no matter where we go, if we are with the ones we love, we are never distant and there is no better place to be, nor anytime to wonder about the next day; with the present being so full of life. No extra senses are needed to enjoy the taboo of being on Jupiter while sitting on the couch with your children and looking over at your spouse who shines like the moon.

I’ve honestly spent most my life dreaming of being in other countries, getting away and “finally starting life” on different soil. However, I am aware that once I get to where my escape resides, I’d constantly be comparing my life to where I came from. I would become the orphan kite that curiosity wanted to anchor, it would take more than learning a new language to fix a broken heart. I’d spend many nights thinking of the mysteries that are across the sea and probably start clinging to my cross instead of carrying it.

When the destination is to remain positive, have hope, share love, be enlightened and do what’s best, you won’t need to pack a suitcase. The only thing constant will be your dedication : you’ll walk the halls and adore the rooms of the heavenly kingdom, it’ll be a long and distant journey, because as you already have heard before, “In My Father’s House Are Many Mansions” - ST.JOHN 14:2


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