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Underrated Trust

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Stare into the mirror. Go on, look deep.

Ask strange questions… hell, you don’t even have to know the answer.

I have a question though ; Why do you trust these people?

Do you trust them because their vessel appears to be the same ; Eyes in place, Mouth opens when they speak.

Does that really make them trust worthy?

Take a second to reflect yourself. No, don’t imagine yourself around other people.

Don’t even think of yourself when you’re out alone, yet surrounded by people.

Start thinking of the times that you were absolutely alone, examine yourself from birds view, when not a soul is around.

Remember your dark times; when you were confused, the times you gave up?

Remember when you lost control? Who was that person? It was you obviously, but was that moment ever later addressed?

What about all the secrets you’ve kept, perhaps the way you started to idolize unworthy figures, rather intentional or not.

Lets open up that inner 'thought box’; the words you spoke so clearly inside your head.

Judging people, scared or disgusted with strangers.

All that was inside you, unsupervised; unpenalized, because you figured only you knew of these things.

So again I ask, Why do you trust these people? Is it because they wear nice clothes and read a few good books?

When you look in the mirror, you see something beautiful. When you examine the life behind the skin, you may not see that same beauty and probably not even be willing to trust yourself if you hadn’t already known you.

In this complex world, its the smaller things that count, the things that are within you, that make you who you are.

When you meet someone and you feel all through your bones that they are wholesome far beyond what meets the eye, you’d trust them with anything valuable of yours. Rather its your heart, or the extra set of keys to your mothers house. We all know it takes one to know one, so you’ll never find one if your not one.

When trust is deeply involved in a friendship, respect for one another grows stronger as well. The experiences, knowledge, opinions and secrets shared between the friends can sometimes be mind blowing in the most positive way. We can not go further with a person we can’t trust ; we will not be able to open up with that person nor would we believe in what that person is about.

Uncorrupt yourself, deep from the inside. Monitor yourself inside-out with everything you do, correct yourself. When you see how hard it is , maybe you’ll ask yourself 'if anyone else is working around the clock at the same tactic’.

When you find out that not many people are, maybe you’ll stop trusting these people.

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