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The Stranger the Better

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Talk with every stranger, the stranger the better.

Of course we all have been taught “never to talk to strangers”, and I’ve always been disobedient when it came to that universal rule. I’m not acknowledging the ones strung out on drugs or the ones that waste time staring lustfully at women all day. I’m speaking of the ones that glow with wisdom and are abnormally beautiful. A foreigner can shed enlightenment upon your life, pushing you in the right direction. You’re walking past teachers, engineers, artists and survivors daily without even knowing it. If theres a little voice in your head telling you to speak up to a stranger, definitely follow suit, you never know how willing they will be to help you or how thankful they will be of your shared words.

We are in the age where your friends aren’t really your friends and your family is more mischievous than your aquatints. Sometimes the struggle inside leads you to thinking that you have no one to turn to, in fear of judgement and misunderstandings. Strangers are perfect during these down times because they do not know you well enough to criticize you of your past. They just see you as you are and they really listen strongly, simply because they are surprised you chose to speak to them at all. God speaks to you through unknown beings very often. He knows that the people close to you aren’t fully supportive, so they won’t give you the advice that you really need. If you are in a coffee shop writing an article, ask someone to read it over and see if they have any insight on how to perfect your work. Take the advice that is given to you because that individual is truly from the outside looking in and their opinion may be a clone of what the rest of the world will think.

Its important not to be so judgmental of humans you don’t understand or have something in common with. Homeless people are amazing ; they really see life from a different view. The “poor" knows the true values of life because they don’t have the material things that blinds and hinders the rest of us. Most of us are living bound to attention-sucking possessions that constantly amplifies our pride/egos. Unfortunate souls have time to actually find themselves, due to the fact that they’re excluded from society, left alone with just themselves. There is freedom for them, freedom from media mind control and hidden poverty of the ones working for money. Have you ever took the time to experience how knowledgeable they are? I shared a blissful moment at the beach sitting on a bench near a homeless man, and it didn’t take long before he started to speak. He told me the name of every bird that was visible, how they interact with other species, where they came from and where they go for each changing season. I was so blown away, before I left I gave him all my favorite pieces of candy.

You have words for strangers as well. Many people have lived life not expecting anyone to care for or understand them. When you go out of your way to compliment them or let them know your reading the same book, they feel noticed and less disconnected from the “in crowd”. Sharing information can be very helpful, you may not know that that person was very confused about something and just by you speaking up, you helped them make a decision. At that moment you were not a person to them but simply a sign. Everywhere I go I feel its my duty to be that sign, to let people know that there is someone above trying to reach them. You know those days when you feel that all is lost and someone looks at you walking by and starts to sing “You are beautiful no matter what they say, words can’t bring you down”. All of a sudden you feel stronger, you know the song was sung just for you.

Don’t give up on humanity, we are all here to be messengers for those in need. we all need to receive messages when we are lost, sad, or broken. There is light in everyone, we just have to be open to that unconditional love flowing through this world full of vessels.

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