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The Sacrificed Moon

The second upon catching my gaze, your beautiful face charges towards me and you push your skull against mine.

“Come now, you must see the sky with us before the night falls.

Sit and be with us for this supper that the full moon has awaited.”

We all were aware of the wolves that were on their way, climbing towards us for three full days now.

“ You always show up at the perfect time, right when we start to doubt our purpose. We are more grateful than we can show at the moment, yet you feel us because we are one and soothe our shyness of expression”.

We sway on the cusp of the tree log, ripping our fish and dousing it in honey as we watch the night sky with tears running through our veins and out between our lashes..

The world has always been this way ; the chaos that has to come before the healing.

Little bear comes to sit next to me, “we have you this time again and it always is a better fight with an everlasting healing when you show up hours before.“

I smile and give the rest of my honey jam to the young one, “ what’s to come is already in place, just think of the moment of the new day arising, when we all stand taller than our shadows.

Within the next few hours we heard the branches crack under the strides that lay on the ground fifty meters away and Papa let off the horn call from the mountain peak towards the west.

From infant to old we fight, we fought, we surrendered not. The blood of savages mixed on every bit of us from the crown to the nails of our toes. Hours and hours did we come against one another.

At last , the Sun, like a new rose, bloomed and lit up the top of the trees down to the soil upon the earth.

All was still. All is still. We breath, all of us as enemies : All of us breath as a family.

The wolves lick our wounds and we, from Big Kahun to Little Jam, we lick the wounds of the wolves. We cry and slump around for the first three hours of daylight, walking away from the battle field together as one. Jesus as our witness , watches every bear and wolf cover one shoulder of each other with one paw while singing the Glory Road song, the song of peace and victory ; a song of sorrow and hope.

We are the ones left, the ones that stand in joy and faith here on our territory land for the ones that have gone on.

It’ll be another 40 years until we all have to meet again like this and we know it’ll become more pure each time.

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