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The First Days

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

The First Days

You are the world, only you can create ‘The Last Days’. Each of us are beautiful vessels among this planet, many of us hold valuable indigenous codes within our worlds. In the bigger picture as the universal atmosphere transforms, we also undergo transformation under our skin, far beyond the bones. As we sleep, the Moon draws out the toxins from the earth, no matter how deep the venom resides. At this time she is most powerful and you can see/feel it all around as she whisks away while the sun rises. A burst of newness in the air with the sweet smell of positive vibes.

Writing down your emotions, struggles and goals is very important while under reconstruction. The soul has so much to express and it knows that the time is now because your soul knows all things pertaining to you. Writing is a sure sign of your devotion; it clarifies your faith and strengthens your will power. This gives you a chance to help reshape your life with the Creator and you’ll have a clear line of communication.

You awake often with dreams you cant interpret, you feel the sting of fear, however you remember finding the only way out before the last breaths. Noiseless codes warn you of things that you wish weren’t possible, and afterwards surprises you with certainty of everything you desired in your dreams. Enjoy the new opportunities awaiting, as you climb the trail to the higher grounds. Let this “time of chaos” be a time of peace, focus, and rejuvenation for you. Pray often & for immunity.

An Alkaline diet would be so very beneficial for you during these times.

It not only cleans the vessel but shines it too. Having a clean vessel means you will be able to feel the unconditional love and guidance of the Supreme. You will focus on brighter maps that have come to the surface and charge full force with grace.

Eating the right foods can become an overwhelming task in this GMO filled country, but I’m positive you will be able to find everything you need at the Farmers Market ; in your city or a city near by, weekly.

A list of Alkaline goodies :

Grapes : Black Berries : Granny Smith Apple : Tangerine : Lemon

Walnuts : Almonds : Avocado : Sunflower Seeds : Dark Chocolate

Quinoa Grain : Black/Wild Rice : Kamut Grain : Amaranth Grain : Edamame

Spinach : Green bean : Cucumber : Zucchini : Sweet/Hot Peppers

Kale : Mushrooms : Onions : Tomatoes : Broccoli

Turmeric : Cayenne Pepper : Olive Oil : Sea Salt : Fresh Pepper


Parcial SOLAR ECLISPE on 9-13-15 & Total LUNAR ECLIPSE 9-27/28-15 *Surf the Wave*

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