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The Faint Yearning of Reclamation

Who Are you ?

The question “Who are you?” still brings a sting to these gauged ears of mine. For most of my life, I’ve always had an answer to this question. People always accepted what that answer was.

I truly can’t remember if I started to grab for my souls identity right before detecting my cancer lump or right after chemotherapy bleached me into an oasis of healing clouds and waves.

Weeks passed, as I was lost in eating knowledge so vastly, the calendar became my only watch. For years I wandered impetuously with confusion; resisting the pull of invisible hallways while reaching for gold puzzle pieces hidden in the ceilings ; thinking it would be a piece to a way out…a piece holding a secret that would possibly reveal a path that led to the discovering of I .

You must overstand the facts:

  • You are not the name given to you

  • You are not the skill that you are most gifted with

  • You are not your bad experiences trapped in your memory

  • You are not just an overcomer

  • You are not a failure

Knowing who you are not can be very powerful; breaking bonds and thought processes that do not serve you nor your purpose. When its time to set out to find the answer, you’ll notice a shift in life. People who are no good for you become untangled and drift away into their own cycles. You begin to yearn for silence , listening strongly for the voice of wisdom, ready to head any positive direction. You’ll start to shed immaturity and feel brave enough to open your heart and experience the unknown. Wondering will support your Dreaming while you Realign yourself with the Universe to create a blueprint for your own personal success.

Please take time to think about this answer so that you can come close to

answering truthfully eventually . Take weeks, months… go ahead and take a few years , because once you set out, you’ll want to come back with a sure answer of just exactly Who You Are .

Finding yourself is a beautiful journey.

- Von'Jewel Shekhinah

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