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The Diamond Beings

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

We aren’t humans. We are diamonds; pressure and heat will present beautiful results when applied correctly.

Several times in my life has excitement rose within me when learning of unfortunate news. I assume the greater part of me could see right through it. Some how my spirit hinted that there was something more to it.

I’d always stare out and repeat the tattooed arabic word on my arm, “Maktub”.

It made everything okay, rather I believed it whole-heartedly or not.

I was convinced that it all had been written by God, and that made me feel secure.

I began to grow curious of what it was that I needed to be doing in the moments of trial, or better yet, being apart of someone else’s trial.

Our Father has an unquestionable way of wanting to learn about who He has created.

Sure He knows us best, no doubt. He made us and set us free. Obviously He critiqued our characteristics to some matter, but its the experiences that really smooth the surface.

The Lord is a very complex Guardian, not in the average hollywood way you’d expect.

Often, its not what you’d want. His hand is strong, fiercely firm. His glance is deeper than the mass of crashing waves.

Such a painful journey it is to be a jewel, a true diamond belonging to The Most High.

Appyling all that pressure on such a delicate being; He has to be out of his mind, right?

Yet He is a perfectionist, set in His ways. So determined to accomplish the exact gem He visualized. He will become increasingly consistent in your life if you adhere to obedience.Chastising us all for our own profit, leading to a day when He will invite us to dwell with Him when all is still.

There is always something to learn. Every minute of life holds a lesson. You don't have to look for it, but it is wise to always be aware.

Stregnthen your ambition, magnify your loyalty, occupy the bliss that was stolen.

Never forget the sacred memories. Fail not to believe that the Holy Spirit dwells within you upon every breath.

Always behave as a child of The Most High; that is all you are, all you will ever be, and that is the greatest, most powerful life upon this earth.

I urge you to pursue understanding during the times of confusion and chaos, beauty awaits there after.

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