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The Daises

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

This day, oh how I remember it as if it were yesterday, was so different from the rest. I should have known there’d be something extracurricular about this 7th of July ; I hadn’t even brought a book for the sitting. I had a yearning to just gaze out that evening.

As I began to let my mind wander throughout the orange hazey sky, my mind dropped back into my body, my chest tightened up and my eyes slid into a transitional space that had never been visited. Within a few blinks, my eyes focused on a being I’d never seen, never had someone of this kind came upon my block before.

He floated casually down the pavement towards my house, his eyes squinting up at the soft sun. My fingertips began to tingle while noticing the golden hues eluding from his vessel. I wondered who exactly he was, where did he come from; was he lost? My breathing could not seem to catch on to a steady pace as he made it closer to my home. I felt uncomfortable in my own chair. I sensed that if he’d look into my face through the large window that I was hiding behind, within seconds he’d know more about me than I was willing to share.

Sitting up straight, crossing my legs underneath my long skirt, I forced myself to stare at the plane flying by in the horizon ; He was striding right past my lawn and I surely didn’t want him to catch me gawking. As still as a deer I waited, I waited for his back to be facing me so I could watch him until he became a speck.

When turning my head back to its newly found mystery, I nearly fell out of my chair when I seen Him standing smack dab in front of my daisies at the edge of the lawn. He was looking deep into my face with a strange soft yet intimidating smile. Throwing up my hand to give a quick wave, I mouthed a shy hello. He let it linger a few seconds before returning the wave.

He points to the flowers with a questionable expression and then spoke in a loud whisper. Abruptly I jumped up to meet him out front and introduce myself.

Turns out that he was overly 'fascinated with the blues and greens of my daises and thought they were only found so beautifully at the florist shops.' I giggled like young girl in a sundress and managed to say thank you, with the smile that makes your eyes look closed.

Ofcourse I offered to give some secret pointers if he wanted to plant some himself. He stared at me with a grip of curiosity in his eyes, finally saying ' he’d rather not know the secret to making beautiful daisies because then he’d have to steal me away to help take care of them.'

' Ha! Such a seducing well mannered stranger ’, I thought. A few minutes of quick questions and answers filled the space between us. It was a blissful interrogation and I started to get a faint taste of metal on my tongue.

He thanked me for planting the flowers ; some how they gave him a vision he couldn’t quite explain, or “couldn’t elaborate on”. I forced out my hand to seal a good bye and he gently grabbed my wrist, long enough to count the pulse for a smidge of a moment. My pupils dilated, only mimicking his. We both took a step back and he smiled while promising that it was nice to meet me.

Right before he turned to walk away he leaned in and whispered , “ You know, it’s breath taking to finally see you in person, distance is no match when it comes to you."

I stood in the same spot and watched him walk away until he turned into speck.

Looking down at the bed of daisies, I bent down and picked the only white one of the bunch and walked into the house.

…. yea I’ll never forget that sweet humid summer evening that Love passed by my window.

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