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Soul Dedication

Decide to try forever or choose not to apply for eternity.

When you arrive to a space in life where you’re not trying to impress anybody, nor do you have to answer to anyone in life : you began to understand the power you hold. Power that can become stressful if you don’t maneuver it correctly. This so called ‘power' is not just freedom, it's separation from all other influences, giving room for you to be whole... being left behind to become you. Who would have thought that in such a valuable generation that the gold of the universe is pure self-identity. When you know who you are, not only do you weigh more, but you take up more space as well. The down fall of self-identity is that you can go many days without seeing things that motivate you, positively influence you or ignite the drive to create purpose in life.

You may get up from day to day with the capability to do great things, however, in a world where possibilities are sliced double on the daily, sometimes you just want to give up. Give up on what? ; Well, anything you set your mind to. Like any other enthusiastic person, you've set those visions on high mountains, but while traveling in the low valley it's kind of dehydrating to even dream about.

No matter what, you should never ignore the faint yearning of reclamation. Even if you can’t feed every starving child.. if you can’t cure every disease or even house a city of homeless beings... Your thoughts count ; your wishful thinking is needed and the way you want the world to be is adored by the world itself.

The world, the people of the world, needs to be truly cared about. Whoever it is that you believe you are to become, don’t leave that 'future you' waiting. Whatever it is that you believe you are here to do, don’t go forever without getting it done. Let failure be a feeling and not an option ; from the day you were born to the day you die, what did you give your all to? Growth ; I assume... I hope.

Don’t stop. Never stop. The day you stop, you and I both know that you’ll never be complete. Wake up to give more , not to give up. Love is light and I need that light to come from you, too

- V.S

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