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Power Of Now

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Now may not be the time as you are reading this, but the power of this time is potently crucial.

At this very moment recognize that I am making an attempt to freeze you in time. Moment by moment. Breath by breath ; you are zeroing in on what that actually means.. pause ..

deep breaths now, 3 deep breaths .


What do you feel ; what do you see? If its not distant and stagnant, you are not with me. Go deeper into yourself, clear out all the outside of your world. Look beyond these words and through the screen , open your pupils, open the road of your vocals.

Stay There , Stay Still , Be Here , Be Now.

This very moment, forget about the writing you are reading and .....


Wait. : Straighten your arch .. breath ; Eyes open, pupils large ;; .breath.

Release ,, And lay back into the pool of you. Experience the bliss and coolness rush over your soul. Center yourself, yes, put yourself in the center of the rest of yourselves. You are the one.. You are the one in the vessel. All of you is now looking at you, right there in the middle , your past and your future are all praising you, loving you, assuring you that right now, you are the best you that you can ever possibly be. The eldest you, the one closest to death than all of you, whispers : KEEP GOING.

You see, I realized what the power of now really holds. When you are still, and free and you take yourself beyond what the vessel is, beyond what this world throws on you ; you shake everything away and fall into a space where all of you is there. In the now, you are all of you. IN THE NOW, YOU ARE ALL OF YOU. You are the future, you are even after death, you are completely whole, rather it be for seconds or a few minutes. As you go into this trans and seek out yourself and see all that you will become , that person is already alive, all of your life has already happened : trust me, I know. Use the power of now wisely and progressively. ; When you feel confused about your choices or depressed about your standings in life. When you sit down on that sand and all these beautiful beings are holding unique shells surrounding you, smiling warmly at you. They are glowing, and then you realize that each of them has a face so much like yours, one aging higher from the next. One by one they step forward and place a shell on your lap, then turn and walk away into the water until you see them none. You sit there left alone with these rare shells in your possession and they are spilling confidence within your being. No words are present to describe your site... Three breaths later, you blink and you're back in the train station, waiting for the “N Judah” Muni train that will get you to work 7 minutes before clock-in schedule. You are out of the Power Of Now , but you know ; you feel that : You Are Blessed.

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