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Updated: Aug 25, 2021

The Scarlet Train has come for Eight days straight and not a word about a resolution has been uttered. Revelation stands strong in the days of our age and leaving the shoes outside the bedroom was only a "Moses' law" due to the lack of imagination. Meaning that we have been allotted the privilege to come clean-footed into a palace gained by the winning of warfare, despite earning it ourselves.

Is there any clue left for us to figured out if the World has dismayed everyone with the tough love She's been pushing out these last several months? Ideally we don't blame the world as a whole, we usually blame the people. The opportunity of the Honest Ones has reinstalled the Law of Glory that was yet again witnessed : Now beauty only will rest in the eye of the beholder.

Unsurprisingly, I'm afraid that many views of the people now taste permanently broken all the way out towards the outer galaxies; Leaving us at scarce altitude of amazing -yet, silent chaos. How are we doing in the mist of all this change? Are we breaking down old ways to build up the pure way? Are you strong enough to die with the world and birth into your new old life?

The Cycle is Complete Brethern.

Hope and Faith has shown more loyalty than any King who has ever ruled upon land. The belief in God has taken many families to higher Grace, and to know that this is just the beginning is one reason to spark a lighter and give The Christ barrels of pure water.

Let there be peace upon each breath we pull in and for the sake of all life, let the Silk Road come throughout every vessel who looked up at the clouds and recognized the stairway as an Invitation to Evanesce.

" Cause They Know, And So Do I

The High Road is hard to find " - Broken Bells

- Von'Jewell Shekhinah

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