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Late is Not Fashionable

When late fades into never, you’ll never want to be late again.

Finding out the hard way is actually the worse way. On some occasions, 'late’ eventually transforms into 'never possible'. Procrastination is often disguised as something light-hearted; admitting it and laughing it off as a characteristic.

Nonetheless, it surely will be nothing to smile about if one were slack off on sending a gift to a friend that recently slipped away. Too late to shower that person with unconditional love in unique ways. When that being is no longer sewn into the vessel given at birth, you’ll have to find another way to connect with them.

Only then, is it upsetting that you don't know the address to heaven ; nevermind trying to find a mailman that would leave the earth just to deliver Raider gear. As soon as it happens, you feel so jipped and regretful. After you've whispered a prayer, the silence gives you room to accept the fact that you have no power when it comes to who lives and who dies. Its heartbreaking to think of the family left behind ; how deep the pain resides within them. Time urges to be taken more seriously in this life, proving that a day late, can easily have you waiting for what seems like an eternity just to reunite with someone.

Never get comfortable with Later.

When you ring the bell, there is nothing you can do about,'Never' answering the door, while sweet ol’, ‘Later’ is in the backyard gardening.

You dared to be special, My clever friend

Wrapping a gift before the end

Leaving behind a lesson to cherish

So bitterly sweet, yet never to perish

To embrace our hearts and all of it's intentions

In a timely manner, before the sudden ascension

Assuring that the other side is truly blissful

With you gone, we've become quite wishful

A sorrowful reminder that death loves to steal

Sadness confirming the friendship is real

Forever yearning to have you here with us

Searching for your presence from dawn to dusk

Leukemia has extremely fine taste, I never thought she'd run away with you.

Love & Blessings to the family of Patrick K. Flournoy

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