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Lamb Juice

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

Freedom is Forever ; that is the Sanctified truth. Anyone who knows much about it, would describe it as simply holding your hand under a waterfall, only being able to keep whatever you can walk away with. It is yours; its forever yours in that moment. When you turn away, you can look back and it’ll be there. As you walk further from the land, that waterfall will stay in its vessel, yet the sight will grow faint. Your hands are still wet from the river’s milk. The days will wake and your palms will be dry of the water from the fall. Your hair still smells like the salt of the rock. Months leave in order and the scent has escaped the memory belonging to your nose. Your eyes still follow the traces of what they developed that day. Years pull forward ; your ears misplace the secrets from the deep of the cave behind the stream of water. Your heart still breaths the youth of the elevated mist. The vibration flows numb as you walk upon the surface for the next decade, not returning to the holy mountain rain. However : your soul is still living there. Still continually falling from the top of the edge, just as it had the day you put your hand under the water fall, before you ducked your head through the sheet of water to peak into the sacred space of the earthly tower to smell the hidden air of the guarded energy beyond the wet vision.

.. Freedom is forever ; The sanctified waterfall is living proof ..

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