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Jaded Nation

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

- We are all Gems held beneath a Jaded Sword-

It is so rare to live a day without the internet.

Retrieving news, comedy and art from freelance successors laced with strong opinions.

Not caring how truthful or deceitful, how obscene or clever, nor how inspirational or degrading.

Its far too painful to devote yourself to the one you adore.

Wandering eyes ignite trust issues while building a platform for apprehension.

No longer is satisfaction obtainable, yearning for the beings and the things in foreign countries.

No sympathy for the less-fortunate, No compassion for the ones holding sorrow.

Spreading the same judgement over all the homeless, never questioning their individual struggle.

Finding humor in the disabled, As if their Mother doesn’t cry when devising their child's future.

Consistently inhaling trash from the television, while the radio waits its turn.

Depravity has shaped this generation, credit to the praise of wealthy idiots.

Witchcraft and Freemasonry is absolutely acceptable,the melody is sweet and the beat is fire.

Death has become more creative; driven and guided by the darkest of evils.

With every movement fighting for justice arises new peaks of racism.

Children lose their lives to men in government uniforms who fail to utter an acceptable excuse.

We are jaded.

Its all so normal now though, right?. Normal, because its been increasingly persistent for countless years and by you not being around for the birth of this destruction, you don’t believe you’ll see the end of it either.

Figuring it’d take half of your life to make a difference, you decide to not take action.

The anger, pain, confusion and hopelessness dwells within you, and you rest your eyes just to get away from it all.

Waking up the next day to the world Satan taints you begin to question if the flood will ever come.

We are jaded, but the silver lining is more promising now than ever before in American history.

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