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It's Not Over Until It Begins

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Take close notice of your affairs over the next thirty days. I believe the voice of the cosmos will speak loudly of something of your past. It wants you to know that you are worthy of the things you desire. Listen in on side conversations if you can relate, focus on the songs that make your heart beat abnormally, don’t pass up opportunities that may bring you back into the swing of things. Rather it be love, career or a cause that you love fighting for; take time to think why it came back into your life in such a way. Grab on to this magical rope and let go when the plane flies over your land of choice. Stop thinking SHORT TERM, I don’t care if it takes years, this is YOUR LIFE. If you accompany thoughts of sorrow before you fall asleep often, lets change those things hurting you, together. You have my support, you have my love, just give your obedience to The Grace and you will surely overcome.

The energy I’ve been picking up on lately is so special. It has a divine purpose to awaken the deep sleepers that are in harms way. You may think that you're down an innocent path of only good will, however you must not fail to realize we live in a world of hate, greed and mischief. It’s designed for you to not feel the ‘freeloading' cords that are connected to you. You assume you’re lucky with extra guidance, all the while you are being strung through cities , doing what the dead never experienced first hand. We walk on land that has glitter raining down from the heavens through the thick smoke that rises from the swallowing raging fire. There is a heavy cloud over this earth and it wants to hail on you constantly, so that you struggle with visualizing your own goals and they be replaced with loads of rubbish fantasies.

Need I stress more of how important it is to live the life that was written before you were born? You had a choice then and God intends for you to follow through. You may feel like you have out grown something or that its too late to begin. You may think you are not good enough or that you have another calling. All these things may be true, but with the world working against you, why would you think traveling to the pyramids will be danger free? We have to fight for what our hearts want, even if we can’t see the end; there is a water waiting for us.

I gave up on wanting to be a personal chef because cancer treatment caused me to forget most of the things I learned in culinary school. I made excuses that it was just something to do at the time and was not my real calling. I loved making dishes that no one else could duplicate, I loved creating special menus for beings I wanted to impress, I loved the organization in the kitchen as I drifted into the perfection of making a delicious appetizer . I loved the freedom of the mind when cutting vegetables at a sexy pace. All these positive vibes, yet I walked away from it all ; stopped cooking at home, stopped bringing dishes to parties , not pushing forward in my culinary education as I had planned. I figured it just wasn’t for me, that I couldn’t reach higher levels.

LIES!! Don’t let fear of failure stop and realign you. While visiting Tacoma,Wa I dinned at a petite soulfood restaurant. My heart cried out and my spirit fell to its knees. Everything I ever dreamed of in my culinary career was right before my eyes, I was sitting in just the mist of it all. The ambience smelled of my future. The beautiful private restaurant had the blood and pride of Africa and Peru smeared over the walls. The colors where so tantalizing to my senses. The bathroom had a large antique flowered bathtub that I wanted to bathe in forever. I asked the woman sweeping the floor for the owner, she replied “ I Am ”. WOW. wow. I was truly honored to be in the presence of a strong woman who instantly shook and reminded me that my dream did not have to die. As she repeated the words “ JUST DO IT!”, I thought Jesus himself was going to come down in a pair of Nikes to back her up. That day I vowed to never drop a dream but to just keep accomplishing more dreams ; she told me just to follow my heart.

Amen to those who reclaim their destiny .

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