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Free Flow

Perfection doesn’t always take time. Having the mindset that nothing is right if time hasn’t passed is not the most beneficial guideline to life. There is bliss within speed; the thrill, the rush, the accuracy, the execution. The Message.

Create a beautiful space for yourself to flourish. Breathe deeply while cleansing out your energy and play low beautiful instrumentals to soothe the moment. When you start to melt into a wonderful feeling, spit out what comes up; dancing, writing, painting - whatever flows through you. Take it for what it is and appreciate your creation; no judgment, no corrections.

Heres to embracing imperfection :

the sun rises. and then it sets.

never will we know and never will we forget.

where it goes and when it appears,

for our lives depend on it, as if the end is near.

value yourself in the dark of the moon,

love your curves and honor your room,

the room that is aura and the space that shows you,

your face is just one thing that remains true,

true to your blood and true to your emotions,

a level of respect flowing to your devotions.

take a piece of the earth and wear it in your hair,

then walk into the ocean without a care.

take a bow before yourself, wear it on your sleeve,

you are the one who honors yourself before you leave,

out the door to face the world or just a cup of tea,

let you look into every face and say

“yes, in you I see a bit of me”.

love is unconditional and it forever hikes through the souls

of the ones that yearn for it most, that hold stories never told.

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