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For the Record

Evidently, we have been labeled as the brave leaders of ignorance. Within the last several generations we’ve been viewed as the ‘mighty complainers' of humanity. Often teased and accused of 'living in the past’ whenever opening our mouths about the sick environments before our time.

I know all won’t be able to understand, however its undeniable that we have this blood flowing through our veins that screams out when we are silent. These visions and phantom pains are locked within our collective consciousness and now the time has come for us to detox the whole system.

Our people; The People of the old were robbed of LIFE itself, while forced to stay alive to be used for any and all things under the sun. Living for centuries beneath the soil with no rights and no escape from mass murderers, our bloodline dreamed of us here today, being truly free and unburdened.

Day after night we are drowned out when combating against racism, injustice and the bloodshed of our golden'bone nation. The enemy has never experienced the action of desperate inquiry while rummaging through his own salted/blotted-out genealogy. Our ancestors are living within us now and we are living for them as promised.

We will fight for the lives that were thrown off the ships and the huts that were burned down with families trapped inside.

We will rise taller than the Red Sea in the time of Moses. The tears of the higher generations will pour out from our souls and stream beyond every crevice within the earth, healing it of all its inequities.

Here we stand, in our power ; anchored by the core of the galaxy.

They will not pacify, disrespect, rape, criminate, poison, assassinate, belittle, antagonize, nor will they RULE OVER US.

We are The People ;

Numbers 23:24 -

“Behold, the people shall rise up as a great lion, and lift up himself as a young lion: he shall not lie down until he eat of the prey, and drink the blood of the slain.”

Love and Peace upon the heads of ALL righteous beings .

Hallelujah - Von'Jewell SHEKHINAH

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