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Fly Away

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Balancing your worlds within the peaks of the sierra, your breath flows out into the humid cold ; you began to phase out.

With watered eyes, the familiar innervation dances its way up your spine.

You here alone. You look out and all you see is land. Ordinarily that would be beautiful, that would be enough. At this moment it is not.

“ I need words... I want someone ; something .. to make me not alone in this..., here. ”

Do we ever know why we are where we’re at? Will we ever know why we were chosen to go where we set out to end up? Should we ever be able to understand how its done?

You swallow deep and blink away the blurriness hovering over your pupils ; letting out a sigh, you stream out a long loud honing whistle from beyond your throat. You wait. You yearn for an answer. Strongly anticipating a sign from the kingdom , you wait.

Ah, the air is so crisp and sweet. As the mist is kissing your neck, you take off your gloves to feel upon it.

Laying your head back, you let go and stretch back to open your chest towards the clouds.

Instantly a burst of laughter comes over you as you see a prodigious white and hazel Eagle fly from the east of your peripheral. Dropping to your knees you feel the blood rushing to your head. Stillness has taken over the valley.

A heavy hand is resting on your shoulder and you release all you have unto it. He drops his hand from you and rest on his knees beside you.

“ You see out there, all this was once what you came out to see. This day, you have come so far and the whole route you knew that the last thing you needed was to be here at the top, aimlessly contemplating the land below. You have grown, you've come through the fire and have appeared as wet as snow. We have anointed you to do what your brothers have written. I have come to assure you that all you have seen was more of a reality than a message. We need not talk about life or the duties you will fulfill , I have placed it within you ; when you bleed , it will be gold that will seep from your bones. Father has prepared us food on the mountains to the west, we shall fly out immediately, because I know you are hungry.”

You cry silently with a strong face as your brother sew wings onto your back. Amen, you cry.. Amen.

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