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Don't Change

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Don’t let this world change you ; Don’t let these people harden your heart.

We all know how it goes, I understand the struggle of life. Every time you take two steps forward you get knocked down twice. Yes, this world was made for us , but before we could grasp it , we tripped up on a mistake. In the bible it is written that the devil risked life dwelling near The Great I Am , just to take our place.

So here we are in this world filled with fallen angels and the witches that they love , pushing through each day , barely making it without the Mighty One above. We find grace in our surroundings and sometimes forget to be careful with our trust. Often will God remind you 'that despite they were born human, they are still not one of us’.

The war goes on and on , deep within and far out beyond. I always wonder if it's safe for the beings that are sleep, after dawn. I know that The Father has scripted it all and takes care of the sleep-walkers that won’t wake when they fall. His eyes are more focused on the ones that are awake, wanting to see just how much they will take. How much they will take before they let the wrath flow through their hands, reaching out to pierce every soul that takes part in the devil's dance.

These are the days I say to be well at rest. Fill your hearts with joy so you can fight at your best. Sing songs of love and harmonize with songs of hope. The second you call upon your Holy Angel, he will draw down the rope. And only you will climb up, hopefully with a sheep on your back. A pure smile on your face; a smile of victory to be exact.

Trust in the God that they speak of in Genesis, He’s the reason why you know what you see. He is the reason why you are free and wise ; He is the reason why you speak the way you speak. A father that defends his child no matter what hour comes to peak ; a love so strong that no other can compete. His commandment to us is to stay forever sweet, and the only way to do so is to dwell a few yards round about his feet. There is no better space than to be right beneath the Lord , Always is he the last one standing with the gleaming sword.

Hallelujah for the protection we have, for the world is not a safe place.

  • V. Shekhinah

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