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Come Away With Me

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

A Guided Meditation.

Staring out at the sea on a beautiful gloomy day, you sit gazing aimlessly at the waves. Today marks the anniversary of the tragedy that changed your life forever. Your heart is full of sorrow and you taste the mist grazing the shadows of your face. As you breath deeply to fight off the images of the past flowing through the fog, you begin to focus on a figure emerging from the distance.

I take cautious steps toward you, I see you there; I’ve been studying you from afar. I observe you sitting in a web and it amazes me that you aren’t even struggling to get loose. Walking towards you, I see that you finally notice me, but only as a figure. The colors of your energy involves a deep blue haze with tints of burnt purple specks. As you make out who I am, you are surprised yet happy to see me. Instantly attempting to stand at my arrival, hindered by the web, you are too unbalanced alone. I stretch out my hand to give you support. Extending your fingers towards mines, we embrace.

That very second everything goes black, but only for a second. You blink, fluttering your eyes like a newborn butterfly.

“Would you like to come away with me this afternoon?”, I ask, “I really could use some company for lunch”. With a strange nod, you gather your things as I walk to lead you towards the rocky mountains in the far away distance. I look back and yell for you to "hurry, or we will miss the main event.” Shuffling your feet to catch up, abruptly a strange hunger has come over you.

Walking turns into swaying while you listen to me sing songs you've never heard before. Your head becomes dizzy and you look out at sea for the last time. Feeling your heart beating heavily you wince at the tickle inviting you to reminisce of the past again. I grab your hand gently, ripping you just out of reach of the waves filled with regret and pain. “Look, have you ever seen this before? Did you know there was a secret highway over here?”. You stand in awe, extremely shocked at what you see. Just a few feet before us is a highway you never knew existed. Every car is speeding up the mountain; you barely can make out the blur. This just can’t be true, how did we make it to the mountain so quickly, it surely was miles away when we started on the venture.

I see the confusing look on your face and I hardly want to tell you that we have to cross this road, I know that you will think that it is impossible. “Come now”, I whisper, “ We must make it to the other side before traffic speeds up”. You feel more dumbfounded than ever before because of the words I have just shared. Throwing you a pair of gloves, I look over my shoulder and mention that “You’ll need these to strengthen your grip for the climb once you make it across”.

Looking down at the gloves in your hands, you begin to feel very uneasy and chuckle in disbelief. “You don’t actually think we’ll get across do you?”, you question.

You’ve spent too much time staring down at the gloves that you have missed the moment of me crossing over to the other side, dodging the elite traffic. Overly bewildered you look across the road deep into my eyes. I yell for you to stay with me, to look deep into my whole being. “Come”, I call for you and without even thinking twice you begin to move your feet. “Keep your eyes on me honey, don’t look back, don’t stop, don’t hesitate, I am right here”.

Within a few blinks you are face to face with me and you don’t even know how you’ve made it across, but your bones are shaking, your eyes are teared up, and you hear me giggling every so loudly. “You are truly wonderful” I state ,” Thank you for coming with me to share lunch, I knew you’d say yes so we prepared enough to silence your hunger.”

The climb up the mountain was quite fun and rather easy. Somehow now you recognize the songs I sing while climbing. It’s so familiar to you, but you just can’t go that far back in your memory to remember the days you heard the sounds before.

“ We are here” I announce loudly. You look around the plateau and study the beautiful colors of the blooming plants; they bring light to your eyes. While you stand astonished at your surroundings, I hum and dance around you, sprinkling invisible dust onto your aura. My humming turns into howling and my dancing has turned into praise. I giggle loudly and you notice that the louder I laugh, the more the drizzling turns into pouring rain. Begging for you to dance with me, I express that "Its the only way to celebrate". Oddly enough you realize that dancing in the rain is the only thing you want to do. We both laugh, admiring each other, thinking how crazy the day has turned out. I fall to the ground and lie out on the grass facing the sun, you follow suit. The rain is no more.

I lay relaxed, now eating fruit you can’t identify, and at that moment, your hunger leaps to new heights. I wave over the land to draw your attention to exactly what I promised you. Large fruits, salted nuts, spiced vegetables, sweet wine and unleavened bread awaits before you in a great abundance. Before you start to eat, you ask me of my name. I reply “Don’t worry about my name, seek the one that has prepared this wonderful lunch for us. Thank you for traveling all this way with me, I truly hate eating alone."

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