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Come As You Were

" A distant horn beckons through the air. After what seems like forever, the horn’s whisper finally becomes loud enough for life to open your eyes. A sense of home washes over you, despite being in the gulf of wilderness, all is still.  "The palace beyond the horizon” were the last words you heard before waking up ; you caress the address imprinted on the band of the ring hanging on to your finger. Walking deep through the trees and down past the ocean, a sense of hunting spirals around your bones. With your heart beating the codes of a crystal map, you’re led to a shimmering river.    The most beautiful site to this blurry vision are the countless piles of shoes lining the right side of the river for miles on end. Unlacing your tennis shoes and emptying out your pockets, you shake off the last jitters before stepping through the river. The fertile soil rest as silk beneath your toes, stepping out of the water and further into the realm of truth. While gazing up at the clouds, time rains down into thought and you grow nervous about being late.      So you run. You run, and you sprint ; the flowers becoming a blur upon each side of you. Pushing through the zones, the blast is ripping you away into vibrant youth.  The second your soles stumble over the marble driveway, you start breathing and blinking heavily.   Young, Pure, Free, Innocent….  You knock at the door, standing there, A Child…   Ready, Willing, Open, and Hungry. 

“Knowledge is only obtainable if you are open to it completely.  Come as a child, willing to see and learn it all, with no judgement and many questions….” - V.S

Familiar dialogue : KJV :  John 3: 3  /  Matthews 18: 3 

 - Von'Jewell Shekhinah                                & to George & Gabbie, my flowers survived to bloom for 8 days.

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