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Burying the Purpose

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

“ You can weep for One Day; And all Evening if you’d like, Take Two Nights to tie your shoes just right, Linger for Three Moons while ironing your fine linen, Study for up to Four Dawns in the book; searching for sins unforgiven, You can compare the righteous to the wicked for Five Afternoons long, I don’t mind if you spend Six Sunsets creating me new songs, For Seven Sabbaths I expect you to complain about not enough rest, Eight Holidays will pass before you’re convinced that there's not another test, You won't change a thing by holding your breath and stopping time for Nine Days, Only will you be fooling yourself spending Ten Suppers questioning Christ and His ways, Eleven Months will give you time to lift the past from the future and put it behind, For Twelve Hours long I’ll walk with you on my shoulders through out the Kingdom and let your tears wet my head Above all things seen and read : Only Truth knows the struggles shared between the Living and the Dead. Sacrifices made may bring much pride, but its the blood of the Sacrifice that spins sorrow on high. As I set you free, do not be angry with the world or dwell on the differences that you see. Be grateful that while living in the galaxy that was given to you, I let you spend centuries with me. Wake up on earth, and don’t ask to come home. Weep for a hour : Slip on your sandals : Wear a winkled shirt :

Try to study less : Be respectful to the wicked : Sing to me in the morning :

Sleep throughout the Sabbath : Go on a treasure hunt during the holidays : Don’t wear a watch :

Invite Christ to every table you sit at : Forget about the future :

I’ll never take you off my shoulders. '' - . ..

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