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Brick of Blessings

The Showering of the Love'Bricks

We are all feeling the pulls and tugs in the atmosphere with the help of all the noble energy beings residing within it. We are upon special times in this world. Such a blessing for most but for some the shifts of the planets has caused havoc, confusion and hardship.

God has once again pulled out his art utensils, sending millions of thick envelopes to his children via the Universe. Obviously we can feel how readily the galaxy was to deliver messages loud and clear to the world.

The echoing moons, burning planets , illuminating eclipses and luring retrogrades are showing no mercy while reconstructing the alignment of our souls, as ordered by the Almighty Supreme. The taste of a beautiful fresh start is within the air. We sleep deeply or nearly not at all ; the changes are making some feel unbalanced, while others gain confidence in discovering their true powers. This is such an amazing realm, there is a huge wave of youth, dreams, cleansing and guidance coming in.

Your Ancestors and Angels are all hovering over you, excited about the path that has reopened for them to love on you in any/many special positive ways. Whispering in your ears, pulling strings,and making plans all the more now. Old feelings washed ashore again; some tracing back to thousands of years ago. I see beauty; Beauty in everything and everyone. All of the sleeping ladybugs are now awake ; rather confused or not, I’m happy to see their pupils. Ah, the Age of the Aquarius has Uranus juju all over it, I cant complain.

I advise all to openly accept the awkward pain and irritating tribulations. Experiencing this discomfort signifies that you are being pushed in a direction for the greater good and/or being lead to your purpose in order to claim all that belongs to you. I guarantee you will sleep better if you write; Write down your thoughts about A magical future, A message predicting great accomplishments in your life, A letter evaluating the irreplaceable characteristics you own, A note of sins that you no longer succumb to, A picture of your hearts desires. A prayer for the sick and the hungry.

Quick Tips :

- Drink more water than usual, the air has changed.

- Watch little /no television at home, its programming and useless to the vessel.

- 1 cup of green tea daily at the least to help prevent stress/imbalance.

- Wake up and breath deeply while slowly stretching out, the strong may be lead to meditation/yoga.

- Go shoot pool to massage your brain, the weak might order a ginger beer.

Most importantly, cut away from any electronics for at least a few hours a day. I’m very serious about the results when you get out and do something to magnify yourself. You can’t have all these attention-sucking magnetics around you; the invisible power needs your focus so that you can be pulled out of the muck. Be honest with yourself, and don’t be childish about change. The time is now and you don’t have to know where your going to 'get to moving'.

"Walk by Faith, Not By Sight", As our mothers will forever add before walking back into the kitchen.

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