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Are You The Voices

There are voices, you know?

Oh I know you know. Can’t have a peaceful moment without them, I’d assume. Admitting this doesn’t make you crazy. Surely I won’t find you gazing at cartoons waiting for your early evening pills, sitting in a room full of lost souls. Just the 'regular voices' you may call them. Oh wait, if I narrow down on it, admirably, you believe its You. You actually think everything going on inside your head is you. When a new attitude arrives, you feel as if its a growth period, after all - 'you’ve been too nice anyways all this time',

When a new curriculum comes with a blueprint on how to quickly catch a mate, you don’t identify it as a lustful entity, instead you see it as you upgrading yourself to your full potential.

The Ego itself is the head runner. The Ego is your knowledge. It hides behind the vertebrae and hovers ever so closely over the cranium. Studying all that you are, every move, every characteristic, waiting for the exact correct moment of a glitch to slide right in and be you. It defends, motivates and of course it antagonizes when you’re not doing what it wants, although some will call that “just being hard on yourself”. The Magnificent Ego doesn’t mind all the other little aliases running around in your aura, just as long at they don’t get in the way. So here you are thinking you make a wonderful team with you and all the 'mini you’s' that help make decisions. Never do you think its odd when you’re arguing a fact or annoyed with some of the taunts, you’ll just figure you need some rest, or time to think, to reset.

You see, you have the power and the privilege to be free of these hijackers. All of them. The sticky demons are the easiest to get ride of. They stick out like a sore thumb, you always can point them out because of the feelings they ignite within you. The immature energies make you feel young again; like a child, a bit helpless when being verbally beaten on. Blood suckers they are, leaching on the blood of your soul; draining you so that you’ll be easier to corrupt. Really uppercasing that 'D' in depression. Those that fall into depression are already hijacked , all the doors to the thoughts of getting out are boarded up. If the windows are blacked out you won’t receive the sun, missing the light, and you’ll soon forget what goes on out there and have no yearning to be free ; you’re much too tired. During your rest, there are plans and practices of how you’ll be when the medication "pulls you out of this depression”. Obviously you’ll be fixed, fixed and altered. You know, like your typical functional addict. Theres no reason for the demons to push your face in the mud anymore, you, Sweet Honey, have already been conquered.

There is a beautiful side to life though, if I may add, that you should hold very dear. Complexed enough, its simply just knowing who you belong to. If you know that you belong to God, you’ll understand who you are and better yet be alarmed when something else it pretending to be you. Then when thinking of a team,it wont be you and the 'mini you’s', it’ll be you dwelling in the arena belonging to The Most High, hearing only of the things that matter. Hearing, within itself, is exceedingly different from actually listening. One may hear many things, but what you listen to; when you open up to comprehend, is what you take in. Listen for the voices that fight for you, that guide you, that pull you out of the fire and breath life into you.

Ah, sounds so unrealistic, I know. But when you’re analyzing how unreal it is that you’re chained to the bottom of an invisible pit, on this realistically fake planet, you’ll begin to notice how the rest of the world is moving so fast without you, and is not planning to stop for you for any reason. Thats the moment, my delicate little Sapphire, that I ask you to remember, to know, who you belong to, who you are and to listen for ice chilling call of your name for the sake of your own salvation.

Who are voices you know?

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