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A Review : The Alchemist

The Alchemist is this season's book of choice for the accomplishment of perfection in the attempt to rattle the soul. This beautiful, yet short novel holds a gem within that aligns your heart upon reading.

Seven years ago my brother recommended this book to me and after reading it I swirled into a new way of thinking. “Maktub” became the backbone of my perception in life. I began to ingest everything with ease; having invincible faith that everything in fact was written and known by God.

The book still lingered through the alleyways of my mind for years until I could only remember pieces of the book. I decided to buy a copy to reread, thinking I would just flip through the pages, only visiting the parts I missed and vaguely remembered.

My heart instantly cried out for recognition. As I read through the pages, it began beating deeper than ever, pushing out beautiful pictures of the dreams it held for centuries. My soul awakened to a higher level; for my ability to overstand life lessons had surpassed expectations since the first time reading the book. I took the time to reflect the book's messages and ultimately reclaimed my very own personal legend.

I recommend you give this book a try, it is a love story between your flesh and your spirit.

- Von'Jewell Shekhinah

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