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A little Bit More

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

"Ask for three scoops and then ask for some more.”

That’s the strange unwritten rule set in stone upon this realm.

We all smelled change within the summer breeze, yet didn’t calculate how much of it we were breathing in. The shift was well triggered this time with such a ‘trojan’ attack upon the soul that we are still in a sweet haze. We haven’t grasped the knowing of the changes within and outside of us, but we know that things are swell , in some aspect of the view.

It has been joyfully overwhelming in the midst of adjusting to the energetic backlash of the Galaxy's 'peacock approach'. These are the days of 'the up and up'. What better season to come next than Fall? Our eyes getting a taste of beauty blowing all around us, reflecting our inner worlds. We needn't forget that we made it to this time, to this place, to live with so much light and love, to excel higher than the last generation.

To be here now is the absolute most fruitful moment for all who dream, the Moon can’t drop any lower , can't hum any louder.

Our Source is satisfied with the domino effect, He was sure about it upon the breath. One after another, we tip and fall back into the hands of this grateful Universe ; Thus, giving Her the chance to indicate that ' the Sky is the Sky - not the Limit ’ ....

This vast macrocosm strongly encourages us all to ask for our needs, to ask for our wants And Then Ask for a Little Bit More.


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