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Updated: Aug 26, 2021

The light unfolds... quietly grazing the eyelids at rest. Despite feeling ready to lift them and gain site, the darkness persuades me to hold shut for a little while longer. The world of the past will be no more once these eyes open. Chimes began to rise within my ears and at the most calming rate I sense a distant, yet soothing panic approaching. Opening my eyes, I realize that I know not of where I am, while faintly remembering where I was. Needing time to adjust to the light, I fail to see the silk ribbons holding me in place. “ Honæshh Dei Cahlnêjsh Du Nüühl ” A Woman is dawning over me with the brightest face that I'd forgotten long ago . She whispers it again, sprinkling her fingers against my skin.. All is serene. The energy braising upon my toes guides itself to the core of my soul, causing my breath to take the essence of ice. A divine sensation covers me as She whelms pure water over the crown of my vessel. Her songs humming over me; I know not of the speech, but of the meaning. I am unraveled now : the ribbons no longer tied over me, but wrapped gently over my skin. Lying in the whole of the World, She gracefully blows into me, all the while still humming. As She grows in resembling the sea, I become a sailing boat within her waves and she rocks me steadily : I am her infant. Her winds guide my eyes to wander out beyond. I gaze at the crystal flowers in the sky, who’s pollen is the rain of clarity; I noticed when I first opened into the space. Although I am not facing the Mother who awakened me, I can feel Her smiling. Encouraging me to travel the soil of this world I’ve come into… to accept what I’ve become. Slowly, I start to walk and begin to take in all the beauty around me. I don’t look back to say goodbye; this is my home now.

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