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Who Is She

 A woman who has heaven as the source of her being.

I can truly say that this woman is well versed in wisdom and pours out her love differently for each individual when working in a session. Everything is so natural and clear with Mama Jewju. Nothing is rushed and the advice is always pure. Mama Jewju transforms you instantly, giving you the tools you need to make the changes that you see fit. I believe she is sent from a space that is irreplaceable unto the universe.


Every soul that has come here upon this earth to live will know that before the end of their soul life, they will learn themselves, they will learn of source, they will finish their purpose. God has created a beautiful system that will not give up on you; lifetime after lifetime - you will have your chance !

Love will be in the hearts of every being and the vocals of all will howl of praise before walking through the veil of Christ, thus, seeing the truth and reality of every spiritual archetype that was sent to serve and purify the people. 


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